GRANITE is one of the naturally hardest stones, some granites where formed up to 1 billion years ago, as well as giving you a permanent piece of ancient History, it provides you with a tough working surface for your kitchen that is virtually scratch-free and It can withstand temperatures up to 300°C. Besides its stunning beauty and attractive functionalities, granite kitchen countertops are easy to care. Mild soap and water are all you need for daily cleaning. Granite is a good choice for someone who prefers fully natural material with its genuine beauty and pattern.

QUARTZ, the biggest seller for kitchen surfaces, here you find consistency of colour and pattern which comprises approximately 93 to 95% natural quartz combined with resin binder and colorants creating a very hard wearing and stain free surface (please always wipe the surface after any spillages) with a wide range of colours and man-made technical properties, quartz provides unlimited options for furnishing the kitchen, making it suitable for those who like pure colours.

MARBLE, classic, luxurious & timeless beauty to set the record straight!
Marble counter tops are as timeless as they are modern and there are not to many materials out there that can make that boast. You must be prepared that marble worktops could scratch and age over time through use, however this is way some people use marble as their preferred material for kitchen surfaces as it makes it look authentic and natural. Marble is wonderful surface for working with pastry, since it is naturally cool, yet very resistant to heat. With regard to staining, we are now applying in all our Marble worktops the latest technology in Sealants and anti-stain protector (Dry Treat) for maximum protection. Please note that Acidic products like vinegar and lemon juice can etch the marble, you must wipe the surface straight after any spillage.

CERAMIC, those who love modern and slick, ceramic worktops are the very latest surfaces in the Market, Available in an endless & ever growing choice of colours, finishes and in large formats and thickness of 6,12 & 20 mm solid and anywhere up to 150 mm with a mitred front edge. Made of a mineral compound, it is capable of withstanding high temperatures and external aggressions without any change in its appearance. With a warm surface and pleasant feel, it is resistant to concentrated acids, stains of all kinds, and chemical products including solvents. Because it is totally non porous, it can also be used to manufacture sinks that are integrated into the worktop. Its heat resistance and fireproof properties allow it to withstand high temperatures.