Quartz COMPAC. Founded in 1975, we were the first Spanish company specializing in the manufacture and distribution of marble and quartz surface coverings. Today we are a large multinational with 100% Spanish capital that has learned how to grow while preserving our flexibility and independent decision-making spirit.

COMPAC, faithful to its origins as a family company, is now a large-scale international company with its own warehouses in Spain, Portugal, the UK and the US, and a sales network of over 250 dealers who sell our products on every corner of the earth. QUARTZ COMPAC TECHNOLOGICAL is composed of 93-95% pure quartz, 5-7% agglomerate polymer in high-quality polyester or natural resin and 1% pigment. Quartz is one of the hardest minerals in nature and gives COMPAC TECHNOLOGICAL QUARTZ countertops outstanding levels of abrasion and scratch resistance.